What do we aim to achieve?


The Flourishing Journey is aimed at engaging with and guiding individuals and teams into a place of flourishing by addressing both interior/ personal aspects and external/ environmental aspects

Characteristics/Ground Rules of the engagement

Confidential – this is very, very important in order to both protect the people and the process throughout the Flourish Journey

Customised – the fact is that many people have been on this kind of journey, BUT no-one has been on it in quite the same way. Each and every journey is designed and deployed with the individual (or team) in mind

Conversational – conversation has been defined as ‘the art of thinking together’. We believe that deep thinking precedes effective action – we need to go deep (and become rooted) before we can go wide (and have a radical impact). The art of considered conversations means to ‘look at closely, to examine’. The literal meaning of ‘consider’ is also to ‘observe the stars (constellations)’ and as such is a powerful metaphor for navigation. Considered conversations help us to navigate our way through life and all it presents us with.